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Adult Welsh Audio Books

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a horse on the beach with the face of a woman in the forground

Dan ei Adain

Author John Alwyn Griffiths
Narrator Elfed Williams

When Detective Sergeant Jeff Evans takes Lowri Davies, a new, young Chief Detective Inspector under his wing, he foresees a turbulent time. After a young girl's body is found the two have to co-operate on the case, leading them far beyond the boundaries of north Wales.

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Cicior Bwced

Author  Marlyn Samuel
Narrator Bethan Gwilym

Laugh out loud feel-good novel which  follows Menna's rebirth, with the help of friend Jan. After the sudden death of her husband Glyn, Menna, who is in her seventies, is set free to enjoy life, and love for the first time.

collage of a row of colourful houses


Author Mared Lewis
Narrator Eifion Lloyd Jones

A novel portraying life in a seaside community. Someone is disturbing the inhabitants, creating confusion and fear. The chapters are presented from the standpoint of various characters, with each one reacting to the mystery in his/her own way.

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Pwy ti’n feddwl wyt ti?

Author Eirlys Wyn Jones
Narrator Bethan Dwyfor

Who am I? Delyth Ty Capel; Delyth, sister of Enfys; Delyth, wife of Lloyd Penbryniau; Delyth, mother to Huw and Llinos. Delyth has reached middle age and has never placed herself first. She never chose her course in life until now.

a silhouette couple embracing under a red umbarel

Rhannu Ambarel

Author Sonia Edwards
Narrator Sonia Edwards

These short stories will stay with you for a long time. The author knows people, bringing us to the centre of their lives, and touches our hearts as their characters experience the tenderness, sacrifices and cruelty of various kinds of love. An umbrella symbolizes closeness and also protects us from all kinds of extreme weather.

a piece of clorh on a red background with 'Pwyth' stitched in red thread


Author Haf Llewelyn
Narrator Morfudd Hughes

The story revolves around a small town where some families have settled for generations, whilst others are newcomers. When a seeming stranger revisits the town he picks at a scab from the past. A novel in which secrets hide beneath the surface and the strong characters hold the reader’s attention.

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Y Pumed Drws

Author Sion Hughes
Narrator Elfed Williams

Suicide is the official verdict following the discovery of a body in a remote area off the coast of Anglesey. DI John is skeptical and believes that the freemasons' secret forces are at play. Police fraud, domestic abuse, suspicious death and more… this is another mystery for the maveric police officer.

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Author Elinor Wyn Reynolds
Narrator Siân Teifi

A sweeping novel that offers a fresh look at one of life's great events - death. It's full of tears, mischief and celebration, but most of all it's overflowing with love. Shortlisted for  Book of the Year 2020

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simple geometric illustration of a candle with the number 60 in bright yellow text


Author Mihangel Morgan
Narrator Siân Teifi

A collection of 60 short stories, that interlink to create a broad snapshot of the lives of many of the residents of a small town in Wales between 11 o’clock and midday

mefus yn y glaw cover - a strawberry cut in half

Mefus yn y Glaw

Author Mari Emlyn
Narrator Gwen Davies

A lively and sensitive novel about friendships and the lives of older women. We follow a day in the life of Lily Daniels, a fifty year old author who is having  difficulty finding inspiration to write her fifth novel.

Recording Mefus yn y Glaw by Mari Emlyn
illustration of a couple in formal clothes, overlooking the sea

Pum diwrnod a Phriodas

Author Marlyn Samuel
Narrator Bethan Gwilym

Full of humour and romance this new novel by a favourite author is a real page turner. When two families come together for a romantic wedding in Italy, little do they realise there is already a bond that ties them together.

outline of a woman on a black background

Ar Drywydd Llofrudd


Author Alun Davies

Narrator Eifion Lloyd Jones

A popular and dark detective novel located in Aberystwyth. After a body is discovered in the dunes, two detectives, Taliesin and MJ go in pursuit of a murderer.