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Eryri Walking Group

“I have been going on the monthly walks with this group for the last fifteen years. Walks average around five miles and cover a wide variety of interesting places around North Wales. Most of these places would be impossible for me to reach by public transport. As well as good exercise and fresh air, they provide a good opportunity to meet and socialise with friends in a similar position to myself. Although I walk independently, having a sighted guide takes the stress out of navigating difficult terrain. I really look forward and enjoy these walks”.


“I enjoy going on the walks with the club it gives me access to places that I might never go to on my own. It’s a social time meeting up with friends. I always make sure that I make a note of when the next walk will be and I let other people know . I would recommend it to anyone.

Collette is one out the volunteers who guides me on the walks, we both have a great time talking along the way. Being outside is good for your mind and general health”


North Wales Society of the Blind Club Colwyn Bay

“I have been coming to the group for nearly a year now. I would recommend it to everyone who feels lonely and wants someone to talk to. We sit and have a drink which the volunteers bring to us then there may be an entertainer or speaker, it just depends who Polly has booked in. It is just good to get out of the house and socialize. I feel better after I been.”


“I have been involved with the club for a very long time. I enjoy coming every fortnight with my friend who also helps out with the teas and coffees. We are a good mix of people and we like chat to each other and find out what’s happening around us. We play dominos and have a lunch brought to us from the local fish and chip shop. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend going to a club it’s something to look forward to.”



“It gets me out and about rather than just be sat at home. I get exercise walking to the meeting with my guide dog Winter. You find out what’s going on in the Bay so you don’t feel left out. It’s nice to talk to a different group of people each time I go. The volunteers look after us really well.”