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Audio Transcription

Everyone with sight impairment has the right to receive information in a format that is accessible. 

As a business or service provider, making your brochures, price lists and service information accessible means you’re not excluding your potential customers. We offer a bi-lingual service.

Our service:

  • We provide a quality bilingual transcription service at an extremely competitive price. 

  • A flexible and efficient service.

  • The studio produces multi format cd’s on a high quality professionally finished disk with full colour on body printing.

  • Expertise and understanding of sight impairments and accessibility.

  • Secure transfer of data is provided as standard.

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff available to offer excellent advice

  • Confidence that you are complying with legislation.

  • Demonstrating your corporate social responsibility commitment by being fully inclusive of your client base.

  • By using our service you are supporting people with sight impairments in your local community.

Past and present clients:

Next Steps:

To find out how we can help please telephone 01248 353604
Alternatively email admin@nwsb.org.uk  with your query. Please include the information that you require recording. 
*We would like to offer new customers 20% off their first order.

Tips for making your information accessible
You can help make the information you provide more easily accessible by following these simple steps:

  • Use a font size between point 16 to 24.

  • Use clear images with good contrast and distinct outlines.

  • Avoid using columns and uneven spacing.

  • Use normal printing weight to ensure good contrast.

  • Don’t use italics or underlining; use bold to highlight key text.

  • Always use captions to explain images.

  • Always align text to the left margin without indentations.

  • Always use good quality, matt paper no bigger than A4 for printing.