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Volunteering with us

There is a dedicated team of volunteers that help the Society in a range of different roles, and we’re always looking to attract new people to join our friendly team.

Reasons to volunteer

All our volunteers have their own motivations for being part of the team – here are some of the reasons why you should sign up today!

  • A chance to work in a friendly team, to make new friends and meet a diverse group of people

  • The opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to the North Wales Society for the Blind

  • The time to develop your confidence and interpersonal skills

  • The ability to gain valuable work experience to add onto your CV and to learn new skills

If you have any spare time and are interested in volunteering with us and making a difference in your community, or if you would like some more information about what we can offer then please contact Bethan at the Society on 01248 353 602 or bethan@nwsb.org.uk


Eryri Walking Club

“I feel I benefit more from being a sighted guide for the NWSB than the people I guide. Being out in the open air with a wonderful bunch of people is never difficult and I always return home feeling happy. It has made me realize how I take my sight for granted and how isolating and difficult sight loss can be. It's so rewarding giving a little of the extra help required. Exercise and a nice chat. What's not to like”

Bethan Roberts

two people sitting on a wall on a sunny day

“By being a volunteer with NWSB you give a little (of your time), but you gain a lot. We have been helping out for about 5 years, and it is simply a pleasure to go for a walk and chat about anything and everything with some lovely folks. It benefits all of us whether volunteer or blind person to get out and socialise in the beautiful surroundings of North Wales”

Leigh and Eleri Roberts

North Wales Society of the Blind Club Colwyn Bay

“I first came with my Dad a few years back. He used to enjoy coming for a chat, and when he passed away I decided to come on my own and help. It’s great to meet people and it makes me feel good. I bring my friend to the group and she looks forward to the socializing. We all have a good laugh “



“I have been helping out in this club since about 7 years ago. I make the tea and check the members are ok. It’s good to sit down and interact with the members. I would definitely recommend the club to other people who have lost their sight because you can get help. The group is very uplifting and I benefit out of joining in.”