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Children and Families

NWSB supports children and young people, and their families

We aim to support blind and partially sighted young people to connect with their peers.

Mentor system

We have several volunteer mentors who provide guidance and reassurance to their younger peers, their help and guidance is invaluable, they are positive role models who are themselves registered blind or partially sighted.

The Mentors give children and young people the opportunity to ask awkward questions and are able to work with their younger peers to develop confidence and new skills.

For further information please call 01248 353604

Children’s fund

The children’s fund was established to help meet the needs of children who have impaired vision, by providing special needs grants and specialist equipment.

Many families with young children who have vision impairments will have experienced lengthy delays and numerous application forms when applying for essential equipment like a CCTV system or specialist computer software. We hope to be able to attract enough support to be able to help meet some of these needs.

Childhood and teenage years are the building blocks for the future. We hope that this project will enable us to give Sight impaired and severely sight impaired children and young people with the tools, opportunities and support they need, to become confident and independent adults

If you feel able to help support the fund in any way please contact Steven Thomas on 01248 353604