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Visitors to Arriva Depot

Dan Owens, his guide dog Robbie and Bethan from North Wales Society of the Blind were invited to the Arriva depot in Bangor on the 1st of February to the launch of their new fleet of buses. Dan uses the buses frequently across North Wales and would like to tell you about his experience on the new bus today as he travelled around Bangor.  

“The new Arriva buses are a massive step up from their predecessors. 
The ride is a lot smoother from the old generation buses that had a propensity to be quite loud and shaky. 

There are both auditory and visual notifications of where you are on the journey. As a visually impaired person the auditory notices are a fundamental benefit to help me when using public transport. 

The seats are more comfortable and the interior colour scheme of the bus  is brighter and a better contrast. 

The buses are a massive improvement from the old generation which will give everyone more confidence, comfort and practicality from using the service.”

We would like to thank Bangor depot Manager Gary and his friendly staff for allowing us to be part of the new bus launch today .